Split Wide Open!

Warning: Disturbing content ahead.

“There you are, Sara!!! Bring her to the table.”

Sara brought her naked and put her on its back. Master carefully inserted scissor, just above the anal opening. He made a shallow incision. Two female disciples pinned her skin back.

He pulled out the blocking membrane from the ovaries. He continued the incisions with angle scissors to cut through muscles and above the breastbone to avoid touching the heart. Disciples inserted more pins to hold skin and muscles back.

The master and disciples observed every single detail of her anatomy with curiosity.

“Have you heard a loud noise outside?”—One disciple mumbled.

“Yeah, a friend of her was near the river. That is still a mile away.”—Master chuckled.

The smiles on their faces were short-lived as there were loud knocks and crackling roars. A maddening crowd was out there.

Soon her hundreds of friends were in. They allowed no one to go out. Soon there was the blood of disciples & master everywhere, with pinned incisions, done by an inexperienced army.

One of them compared the anatomy of her with those disciples and announced – “They are like us from the inside, why this brutality!!! It’s a payback time!!!”

The mob jumped out of the window, one after another, towards another room.


Few minutes before:-

“Why these hunters are kidnapping us? What do they do with us? No one came back from these rooms.”

“Let me look in. I will shout aloud to signal for more troupes.”

The first sight of a lying body of her, rested split wide open, made him sick and demented.

With a full-blown balloon of his throat, a loud croak came out.

###The End###

All rights reserved By Anand Tambey – 2011

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